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PerkinElmer's Journey to a World Class Digital Learning Experience

In Defense of the Learner: One CLO's Journey

View this informative webinar in which PerkinElmer CLO Jen Sullivan shares how they are transforming the learning experience for the PerkinElmer Learner. Jen discusses her 'burning platform for change' to make their learners' desired experience a reality.

Hear Jen dig deep into the 5 questions that guided her team through the transformation of their organization's learning experience: 

  • What is the business challenge?
  • Who is the PerkinElmer learner and what is their desired learning experience?
  • Are we going to incrementally improve or transform?
  • What partners are ready to strategically engage with us?
  • How do we measure success? 

 avatar.jpg.320x320pxJennifer Sullivan is the Chief Learning Officer at PerkinElmer. Jen joined PerkinElmer in 2017 and is responsible for delivering high impact leadership and organizational development solutions closely aligned to key business drivers.