Digital Transformation & Virtualization: Remote Work as the Answer to Many of Today’s Corporate Challenges?

Perspectives from Research and Practice: Andreas Eckhardt and Martina Pumpat, German Graduate School
This webinar took place Wednesday, September 13th

Join us for a free webinar with Andreas Eckhardt and Martina Pumpat on the impact of the digital transformation and virtualization on the workplace as a whole and and HR strategy in particular.

In today's work environment, digital developments have changed the way work is performed. Human Resource departments have to keep up with these changes and ensure the company's employees are endowed with the appropriate capabilities and competencies to 'be digital'. As a response, many companies have introduced cultural change initiatives and digital competency training.

German Graduate School (GGS) offers a MOOC that trains digital competencies for the modern workforce, with an increasingly virtualized work environment. During the webinar, Andreas will share some of the research he has done in partnership with a well-known IT startup, while Martina will take the perspective of a change manager and elaborate on the challenges companies face in this day and age.

By viewing this webinar you'll learn about:

  • reasons companies have for virtualizing parts or the whole of their business
  • the impact of the virtualization of work on Human Resources strategy
  • the implications remote work entails for teams, managers, and employees
  • how GGS trains digital competencies online in a social, collaborative way on the NovoEd Learning Platform
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Andreas Eckhardt is Professor of Human Resource Management with a special focus on digital transformation and change. His areas of expertise are trends in recruiting and employer branding as well as the use, adoption, and diffusion of information technologies in HR management.


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Martina Pumpat is a Learning Experience Designer and Change Manager with a background in HR Consulting and HR Management. In her role, she is especially dealing with the topics “New Learning”/“New Work” and the respective challenges companies are facing while transforming from old to new habits. She is a passionate guest in the digital and social media world and a heavy MOOCer herself.
German Graduate School of Management and Law offers core competency in degree programs and continuing education for working professionals. In a globalized, complex, and dynamic economy, GGS educates the next generation of leaders, with a focus on the core topics of innovation, entrepreneurship, and compliance.
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