Keys to Successfully Migrating Your In-Person Training Online

Charlie Chung, Solutions Architect at NovoEd
This webinar took place Tuesday, August 8

Join us for a free webinar with NovoEd’s Solutions Architect Charlie Chung, as he shares the secret to successfully converting your in-person training to an online experience with high fidelity to the face-to-face experience.

Traditionally, many companies have relied on face-to-face training, particularly regarding high level and soft skills training. However, in busy and often geographically dispersed workplaces, getting people together for in-person sessions is becoming increasingly difficult and costly.

As a result, there’s a need for translating great in-person training to an online environment. The question is: how can this be done with high fidelity to the learning experience? Join us to find out!

View this webinar to learn:

  • Reasons behind the increasing pressure on training and consulting firms to offer their programs online
  • Concerns trainers and consultants have on replicating learning experiences online
  • An approach to systematically translating your in-person experience to an online format
  • Best practices from other great training and consulting firms
  • How the NovoEd Learning Platform can be utilized to deliver high-end training experiences

Charlie Chung is a Solutions Architect at NovoEd, and is passionate about applying new pedagogies to online learning environments. He brings a background in management consulting and enterprise software and holds an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Access the webinar slides and recording: