Facilitation 101 - 5 Effective Strategies for Facilitating Engagement in Your Online Course

 Amy Ahearn (+Acumen) and Lisa Brefini (NovoEd)
This webinar took place on September 21, 2016

With the right tools in place, facilitating an online course can be a manageable process. In this free webinar led by Amy Ahearn, Senior Innovation Associate at +Acumen and Lisa Brefini, NovoEd Course Operations Specialist, you will learn 5 effective strategies for facilitating engagement in your online course. 

The webinar will also look at case studies in effective online course engagement. Lisa and Amy have had much practice and experience in facilitating online courses, and have tried and tweaked countless methods and approaches to boost learner engagement. You will learn about 5 general strategies that Lisa and Amy have found particularly effective, and see specific ways in which +Acumen has implemented them. These strategies can be summed up as follows:

  • Carve out time for onboarding, and leverage community to set your learners up for success.
  • Create pit stops to converge learning paths.
  • Intervention promotes retention.
  • Crowdsource teaching presence to provide rapid, high-quality feedback.
  • Go beyond the class: motivate and incentivize learning through a pathway.
Amy is a Senior Innovation Associate at+Acumen building online courses to educate social change leaders and inspire new approaches to tackling poverty.  She is passionate about using emerging technologies and design to help people all over the world learn in new ways.
Lisa Brefini is a Course Operations Consultant at NovoEd.  Lisa draws upon her international and higher education experiences to engage learners and facilitate courses through the Philanthropy University Initiative.
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