Experiments in Engagement

Em Havens and David Good, IDEO U
This webinar took place on September 14, 2016

IDEO U has been at the forefront of innovation in the online learning space.  In this free webinar, IDEOU's Em Havens and David Good will share both the challenges they've faced and experiments they've implemented to increase learner engagement and success. 

While developing four public courses at IDEO U, Em and David have utilized Design Thinking to brainstorm, prototype, and iterate with course design and community facilitation practices. In this webinar you will learn about IDEO U's experiments including:

  • Designing assignments for real-world application
  • Utilizing course community members to create a community-led experience
  • Utilizing community groups and strategies to prompt deeper course discussions
  • Organize in-person meetings for a blended approach to online learning
You'll learn what has worked and not worked as IDEO U experiments with online course community design, get more familiar with the options and tools available with the NovoEd platform, and feel inspired to start experimenting on your own!
Em Havens is a Senior Community Designer with a background in leadership education and social finance. She's tackled innovation challenges in a wide variety of contexts, from venture philanthropy to healthcare technology, and was a founding member of a small organizational design firm. When not at work, you're likely to find Em rollerblading to the beach and choreographing dance moves on her rooftop.
Dave Good has been working in content and product management in ed tech for most of his career, including companies like Pearson, LeapFrog, UniversityNow, and Oasis Learning. You know how the first movies were just films of plays, because people didn't yet understand how to use the new opportunities created by film? Dave thinks we're at that same early stage in online learning, and it's time for us to start making summer blockbusters (or art films).
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