Played by Gamification: Moving Beyond Points and Badges

Greg Bybee, NovoEd
This webinar took place March 20, 2018

Join us for a free webinar with Greg Bybee on the use of gamification to create effective and engaging learning experiences. During the webinar, Greg will discuss the most effective practices for gamification in online learning and provide actionable advice for your course development.

Gamification is about introducing game elements to drive motivation and engagement. The practice of gamification has increasingly been put to use in the learning environment, but the question arises how to do so effectively.

This webinar will review the most effective practices for gamification, supported by academic research and practical experience. It will address questions such as how to combat bad game design, and how to find the right balance of gamification in order to maintain motivation and not crowd out intrinsic motivation?


Join this webinar to learn:

  • Academic and scientific underpinnings of gamification and intrinsic motivation
  • How to apply gamification techniques effectively in online and offline courses
  • Which gamification techniques not to use
  • Actionable steps you can take to improve your next course
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Greg Bybee is the vice president of learning products at NovoEd, where he leads the product solutions, marketing, and learning experience design teams. His team is responsible for designing and building over 200 online programs for university and corporate partners. Previously, Greg built the product management function at Coursera and was a fellow at NewSchools Venture Fund. He also has experience at VMware, Microsoft, and McKinsey & Company.

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