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Foundations of Learning Experience Design

Course date: Monday, April 29

In this FREE course participants will learn how to develop a learning module using best practices in pedagogy and instructional design. Using a project-based approach participants will learn and apply the fundamental elements and principles in a module design that leads to higher engagement and learner outcomes.


Foundations of Learning Experience Design

  • A basic understanding of project based design, backwards design, and designing for team-based learning.
  • Feedback on a module design from peers and experts.
  • Fluency using NovoEd for a collaborative learning experience.

Participant Activities

  • Watching instructional videos and reading insightful articles.
  • Meeting and interacting with a community of learners.

What Does This Course Include?

  • 5 weeks of online instruction with advice and feedback from NovoEd instructional design experts.
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn from other design experts from around the world in teams.

Course Timeline

Week 1

Foundations of Pedagogy
Forming Teams

Learning Objectives
Utilize tools and resources to define a learning objective for your module.

Design the learning objectives for your module and form teams with other course participants to collaborate with.

Week 2

Module Analysis

Learning Objectives
Analyze and provide feedback around module design utilizing a rubric.

Collaborate with your team to collectively critique a module design.

Week 3

Design your Assignment

Learning Objectives
Utilizing best practices in assignment design, create an authentic learning activity to assess the learning of your participants.

Design an authentic activity that corresponds with your learning objective.

Week 4

Content Creation and Curation

Learning Objectives
Utilize content creation and curation strategies to support your learning experience.

Create or curate content to support a sample assignment.
Peer review your colleagues’ submissions from week 3.

Week 5

Team Collaboration and Course Wrap Up

Learning Objectives
Utilize feedback from your teammates to improve your module.

Collaborate with your teammates in a feedback session for the development of your module.


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What's Next?
The resources and community continue to be available for your benefit.