The Most Critical Skills You’re Not Teaching (At Scale)

Greg Bybee (NovoEd)
This webinar took place January 23, 2018

Join us for a free webinar with Greg Bybee on training soft skills in the enterprise. During the webinar, Greg will discuss these key skills for the enterprise and why it is that they're usually not taught at scale, nor online.

Trainings for skills like empathy, inclusion, appreciating differences, and cultural understanding are usually limited to top levels of the organizations, if provided at all. As little as 20% of all organizations have such thing as a leadership program, for example, while up to 56% of execs report their companies are not ready to meet leadership needs.

By joining this webinar you'll learn how your organization can tackle these issues and start teaching and scaling these skills in your business.

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Greg Bybee is an education technologist and VP of Customer Experience at NovoEd. Greg and his team have designed, built, and launched over 500 training programs reaching over 1.5 million learners. Greg serves on the Board of Directors for Leadership High School and advises startups, vendors, and investors looking to enter the education space. Previously, he was a Fellow with NewSchools Venture Fund, a Product Manager at Coursera, and a consultant at McKinsey. Greg holds a MA-Ed and MBA from Stanford, and a BA from Harvard.
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