From Crotonville to Digital:
Upskilling GE's Global Workforce

The Evolution of Workforce Development in the Digital Age at GE

A History of Investing in Leaders

General Electric (GE) is the world’s leading digital industrial company, providing products and services including aviation, power, and renewable energy to clients across the globe.

Over 60 years into its 125-year history, GE determined that its most significant limitation to growth was its supply of high-quality managers. In 1956, the Crotonville leadership institute was born, and GE quickly became known for its legendary leadership training, a reputation which holds today.  

The Journey to Online Learning

As successful as Crotonville was, and is, with 285,000 employees and over 60% based outside of the U.S., only 30% of GE’s professional employees were able to participate in a learning experience at Crotonville.  To remain at the forefront of an increasingly digital future and to scale the ‘Crotonville effect’ and reach more employees worldwide, GE formalized a digital learning strategy which, in 2016, evolved into BrilliantYOU™, an online learning experience platform. The BrilliantYOU™ team wanted to bring the best-in-class learning experience online while maintaining the meaningful connections established in a classroom environment.

GE partnered with NovoEd to connect large populations from around the world to engage on a topic or course and to provide their workforce with the opportunity to learn from one another.  Fill out the form on the right to download the GE case study and discover GE’s approach to transforming the in-classroom experience into a dynamic online learning environment